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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my name in the Offices & Services Directory?

Please update your personal information in Atlas. Your changes should take effect in the Offices & Services Directory within 24 hours; if they don’t, please notify Reference Publications. See the Offices & Services Directory section for more information.

How do I order copies of MIT Facts?

MIT DLCs can purchase copies of the current edition with an MIT cost object. Books are sold in packs of 10 at a cost of $10 per pack. To place an order, simply email referencepubs@mit.edu to let us know how many you need, where to send them, and which account to charge. Please include your name and contact information with your order. Books will be sent via interdepartmental mail. See the MIT Facts section for more information.

Where can I find instructions for editing my catalog section?

The MIT Bulletin Help website provides guidelines and instructions for managing catalog content and curricular material.