The Offices & Services Directory contains contact information for many of the offices, departments, labs, centers, and programs at MIT. Editors in the respective offices maintain the directory listings and can update them as needed. Most entries for people in the Offices & Services Directory are refreshed daily from information that individual staff members provide through Atlas.

Office information updates (for listing editors)

If you are an Offices & Services Directory editor, you can log in to update your listing(s). If you cannot log in, or if you need to be granted access to the system, contact Reference Publications, 617-253-2635. Also, please contact us to add or remove a listing.

If you have any questions about using this system, please download our quick card reference for editors.

Personal information updates

If you are listed in the Offices & Services Directory and need to update your personal information (e.g., name, email, office location, or phone), please make those changes through Atlas. Your changes should take effect in the Offices & Services Directory within 24 hours; if they don’t, contact us.

Your title can be updated in the Offices & Services Directory by your listing editor with no impact on your title in the People Directory. (To contact your listing editor, go to your Offices & Services Directory listing and click on “Request a Change” to launch an email to the listing editor.) Contact your local HR representative if your People Directory title needs to be updated. If you or your HR representative are unable to update your information in Atlas, please email your change request to Reference Publications staff are not able to assist you with changing any title or other personnel information that appears in the People Directory.

If you have changed offices and should be removed from or added to a new listing, please contact the respective listing editor(s).